McDonald's SAM (Service Area Modernization) Retrofit

McDonald's SAM (Service Area Modernization) Retrofit

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A Radius Networks technician will be scheduled to visit your restaurant in order to update your existing Table Service Solution (TSS) Table Locator System.  These updates are required by McDonald’s as part of the Service Area Modernization (SAM) project.

In order to have a successful SAM Upgrade, all previously installed and new components of the TSS system must be in place, including:

  • The TSS Monitor behind the front counter
  • The Server and Switch in the IT Rack and Hubs/Antennas in the ceiling, and
  • The new SAM counter upgrade, complete with a POS Vendor provided data cable and a power source

If any of these elements are missing, please contact Radius Networks at:

Important Information about Table Tents

In order to successfully complete this work, your Table Tents must be working and have adequate battery levels since the technician may need to recalibrate portions of your store.  If your original Table Service installation was on or before December 1, 2018, we strongly recommend that you take one of the following actions well in advance of your scheduled installation date:

If you have questions about your Table Tent batteries, please contact Radius Networks support at as soon as possible.  If you choose not to address your Table Tent batteries, our technician will perform the other task related to the visit but it is highly likely that your system will not work properly.

Please note if Radius is unable to complete the installation due to site readiness issues, the customer will be charged a $450 abort fee.

Should you have any questions about the upcoming installation, please reach out to the construction managers and/or the EOTF team in your region.