Flybuy Cloud Services (FCS) Annual Subscription

Flybuy Cloud Services (FCS) Annual Subscription

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Flybuy Cloud Services for Tableside

This program is available for McDonalds restaurants with the Radius Table Locator system, and provides the following benefits:

  • Cloud Backup

Every restaurant has a unique map and configuration.  This information will be safely stored in the cloud and available in the event of a hardware failure.

  • Level 3 Support Team

If your Help Desk is unable to remedy an issue, we are here to help.  Our L3 support team of highly trained engineers will be available to solve difficult problems using our remote proprietary tools and diagnostics.

  • On-going Enhancements

Our products and services are continuously improving.  As a Flybuy Cloud for Tableside subscriber, you will receive upgrades and enhancements as may be required.

Please read the terms and conditions.