Wrist Accessory for RadBeacon Dot

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Note: To purchase a RadBeacon Dot, visit the RadBeacon Dot page.

Simple wrist band for the RadBeacon Dot. Easily attach a beacon to your arm to take it where ever you go. 

About RadBeacon

RadBeacon Dot is a fully standalone Bluetooth Smart™ proximity beacon using iBeacon™ technology, implemented in a lightweight package that is powered by a battery. It’s the perfect beacon for conferences, trade shows, exhibits and other events where power may not be readily available and ultimate flexibility in placement is most important.

RadBeacons That Go Anywhere

RadBeacon Dot is packaged in a lightweight plastic enclosure and powered by a user-replaceable CR2032 coin-cell battery. It can be flexibly installed in any location, regardless of available power and provides proximity interactions and engagements for mobile applications compatible with iBeacon™ and AltBeacon™ micro-location technology.

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