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RadBeacon E8 is a fully stand-alone Bluetooth 5 proximity beacon that supports iBeacon, AltBeacon, and Eddystone technology. The RadBeacon E8 is a rugged, weatherproof, and temperature-resistant proximity beacon powered by eight D batteries. it can be installed in any location, regardless of available power, and provides proximity advertisement for mobile applications that are compatible with iBeacon, AltBeacon, and Eddystone standards, including Physical Web™.

NOTE: This product is shipped without batteries.


As the industry’s first multi-beacon, with concurrent support for all major industry-standard proximity technologies, the RadBeacon enables simultaneous proximity services across iOS, Android, and other emerging mobile environments. Supported beacon proximity technologies include 

  • iBeacon
  • AltBeacon
  • Eddystone UID

Certified and Licensed

RadBeacon is certified and licensed by the FCC, CE, Bluetooth and more. See the RadBeacon E8 Datasheet for more information on the Bluetooth Radios, Certifications, Settings, and Battery.

Unlimited Configurability

Using Radius Networks free tools, including RadBeacon E App, you have unrestricted ability to configure your RadBeacon with whatever identifiers you prefer.


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