Tent Reconditioning Program

Take advantage of our Tent Reconditioning Program, refreshing your current McDonald’s Table Tents with brand new batteries.

Getting started is easy:

  1. Place your order below
  2. We will advance ship Reconditioned Table Tents to your restaurant(s)
  3. When you receive the box(es) of Reconditioned Table Tents, activate the Table Tents (click here for instructions)
  4. Pack the old Table Tents in the same box(es)
  5. Follow the instructions and use the prepaid shipping label to send the old Table Tents back to Radius Networks

Please Note

If you have broken tents, please discard and order a replacement tent above (please indicate the Tent number that needs to be replaced).

You will be charged $15 for each missing tent from your return shipment. For example, if your store originally had 60 tents and you return 50 to our factory, the McDonald’s store will be charged $15 for each missing tent.

If you have questions, please reach out to orders@radiusnetworks.com.