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Develop using a fully customizable cross-platform Proximity Beacon

The PiBeacon, a Raspberry Pi based proximity beacon tool, is a powerful and versatile development utility.  It is designed to work with multiple Bluetooth Low Energy proximity beacon specifications, including iBeacon technology and AltBeacon technology.  With this flexibility, there's no limit to the types of apps and technologies the PiBeacon can work alongside.  For more information on AltBeacon (the open and interoperable proximity beacon specification) visit AltBeacon.org

Transmit as a Beacon

The PiBeacon has the ability to transmit as a beacon with iBeacon and AltBeacon technology.  In addition, the beacon identifiers are fully customizable as is the transmit frequency.  Want to test how your app will behave when encountering any possible kind of beacon?  The PiBeacon is the ultimate instrument for you.

Scanning for Beacons

The PiBeacon comes with the power to sense other beacons, making it a valuable proximity beacon tool.  With multiple output format options, you can easily export scan data for use in any application.  Combined with the power of the Raspberry Pi, the PiBeacon can be used to trigger other actions or manipulate external devices based on beacon proximity, allowing for proximity-aware automation with endless possibilities.  

What's Included

  • Raspberry Pi 2 PC
  • Bluetooth LE Module
  • 8 GB SD Card, pre-loaded with beacon software (fully compatible with iBeacon and AltBeacon technology)
  • Full instructions for usage and customization

Dual PiBeacon

The dual model includes a second Bluetooth adapter, allowing you to operate two independent beacons simultaneously.  You can also use one device to transmit while scanning with the other.

Update Your PiBeacon

If you have a previous version of the PiBeacon, or its precursor the Beacon Development Kit, we’ve made the latest version available to download here, just follow the instructions and you’ll be up to date in no time.

PiBeacon is available for purchase under a shrink-wrap end-user license agreement. PiBeacon software is not available for resale or redistribution to additional third parties beyond the original purchaser and end-user licensee.

* iBeacon is a registered trademark of Apple

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