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RadBeacon Dot for The Physical Web

$ 14.00

RadBeacon for Physical Web will be preconfigured to broadcast the following URL:

How many do you want?

Free shipping on local orders over $50 and international orders over $199.

The Physical Web combines the power of web technology with the explosive growth of the Internet of Things, giving any smart device a web address. Soon, thanks to the power of the Physical Web, walking up to any smart device, be it a rental car, vending machine, a child’s toy, or a city bus stop--will provide immediate access to useful and relevant information and services.

The RadBeacon Dot for the Physical web is the easiest way to get started with the Physical Web. Order today and we'll configure everything for you. 

Simply include the PhysicalWebURL you will like your beacon configured for, and we will get the beacon configured prior to shipping. To place an order for beacons with different URLs, please follow the steps below:

- Enter the URL you will like to be included with the first batch of beacons in the PhysicalWebURL field

- Enter the number of beacons you will like configured with that URL in the quantity field

- Click "Add to Cart"

- Update the URL to the new URL you will like included with the second batch of beacons

- Enter the number of beacons you will like configured with the new URL

- Click "Add to Cart"

- Repeat the above process as many times as you need


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