Marines Recruiting Beacons

$ 21.00

How many do you want?

Reach potential recruits without having to lift a finger! By using proximity beacon technology and Nearby Notifications, you can initiate messages to passersby when they are in the right place, at the right time. 
- Beacon technology already in action in over 40 recruiting stations
- Google Nearby Notifications drive proximity engagement
- “Nearby” utilizes Bluetooth beacon technology to initiate messaging
- Messaging is triggered via the beacon based on location 
- The goal: help more recruiters gain the Gold Recruiter's Badge
The RadBeacon Dot 
- Battery-operated (Approximately 6 month lifespan)
- Range: 5-50m
- Portable and great for use on-the-go
The RadBeacon USB 
- USB powered (unlimited lifetime)
- Plug into wall or computer (any power source)
- Range: 5-30m
- Stationary or portable and great for use at a recruiting station
Nearby Notifications
- Notification sent to nearby phones when they are in a designated location
- Messages can be customized with text and a URL
- Helps users to discover what’s around them
- Used to drive traffic to physical location, social media platforms, and events
- No prior app install required
Getting Started
- All beacons will be pre-configured for the U.S. Marines!
- When you receive your beacons, there will be specific instructions for how each recruiter can register and utilize their individual beacons and get set up with Nearby Notifications