Individual Table Tent Replacement for

U.S. Golden Arches Table Tent

McDonald's stores with lost or damaged/inoperable Table Tents can order individual replacement Table Tents on this page. Before placing an order, please note the following:


  • Only McDonald's stores with new U.S. Golden Arches Table Tents installed after December 2018 can order individual Table Tent replacements.
  • If unsure about your eligibility, please call us at +1-866-599-9533 or send an email to


  • The “U.S. Golden Arches” design with English and Spanish text (pictured left) is available in numbers 1 through 60.
  • Only McDonald’s stores currently using this design can order individual Table Tent replacements.


  • $15 USD per Table Tent (+ shipping, taxes, and duties).
  • Only credit card payments are accepted.


  • Radius Networks will only ship replacement Table Tents to verified McDonald’s stores. The store number provided must match our records for store address, install date(s), and Table Tent design.
  • Invalid order requests will not be processed.
Step 1 Select a Table Tent # you would like to replace.
Step 2 Add to cart.
Repeat steps 1& 2 for each additional Table Tent number needed.
Multiple orders of any number will not be processed.
Step 3 Once done adding to cart, follow the prompts to place the order.
Step 4 Upon approval, your order will be shipped directly to your store.
Step 5 When you receive the shipment, follow these instructions to activate the replacement Table Tent(s).

+ shipping, taxes, and duties