Office Anchor Beacon (Pack of 5)

Office Anchor Beacon (Pack of 5)

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Sold in batches of 5 units
 - includes 5-year battery
$50.00 ea

The Anchor Beacon™ is preprogrammed to enable immediate participation in the automatic contract tracing deployments globally. They enable enhanced reporting on key areas of your office, hallways, garages, even parking lots with no setup other than placement. They are indoor/outdoor, sealed, and ruggedized - you choose the areas of interest.

They are custom programmed in batches of 5 units and include pre-installed 5 year batteries. Shipping globally is available.

USA Shipping Only. For International enquiries, please reach out to us at:

  • Durable enclosure with 5 year battery, the size of a deck of cards
  • No setup required, only placement based on your interests
  • Easy to place in any environment, moveable, weatherproof
  • Custom licensed platform firmware for use with ACT programs
    • Single action activation, no user action required
    • Integration with ACT iOS and Android participating apps which are designed for this beacon and work out of the box
    • ACT Platform specific powerful transmission settings for whole-room reporting
    • Proprietary technology transmits battery level to the platform daily
  • Certified and Licensed technology:
    • The Office Anchor Beacon is an iBeacon TM licensed product that is fully FCC, IC and CE certified.
    • See the Radius RadBeacon E4 Datasheet for more spec information.
    • The Office Anchor Beacon has been certified by Radius Networks to conform to the following standards: Apple iBeacon, AltBeacon