Chromebase + Display Kit Digital Signage Software and Service Bundle

Complete Solution of a Chrome Device and Content Management System

Product Display Kit Pro  Display Kit Basic**
Chromebase $838.00 $838.00
Display Kit Annual Subscription $169.00*** $36.00***
Google Chrome Device Management (CDM) Annual Subscription* $25.00*** $25.00***
Discount $33.00 $0.00
Total $999.00 $899.00

*Required for all chrome devices
**Display Kit Basic requires user to setup and maintain content storage server
***Display Kit and CDM subscriptions will be billed automatically annually

Chromebase Specs

Model: 91.WTG00.0010
  • CPU: Intel Quad-Core Celeron 2930U
  • Ram:  4 GB
  • Storage:  32 GB
  • Screen Size:  21.5″
  • Form Factor:  Chromebase only
  • Notes:  Front Panel is Water Resistant and Touchscreen

With this product, you get a 1-year Display Kit license, in addition to the hardware. The Display Kit license gives you access to the below.

Pro subscription includes managed storage. With the standard subscription, you are required to host your own content.

Content Management System 

  • Make real-time changes
  • Easy to schedule and edit screen content
  • Multi-frame capability
  • Relevant mobile engagement synchronized with on-screen content
  • Auto-generated content based on key value pairs
  • Automatically change content based on time, day, or audience
  • Remotely manage multiple screens at different locations
  • Incorporate text, images, and video

Mobile Proximity Engagement

  • Synchronized content on screen to a user’s mobile device
  • Easy-to-use campaign management platform for custom promotion
  • Increased communication with customers
  • Drive traffic to designated areas of venue

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