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QuickBeacon for Windows

$ 39.00

How many do you want?

With the QuickBeacon for Windows app you can turn any Windows computer or tablet with a spare USB port into your own, fully-configurable proximity beacon.

Includes one (1) RadBeacon USB. Order now and get the QuickBeacon for Windows download information in the package with the included RadBeacon USB.

QuickBeacon takes seconds to install and set up. It sits in your status bar and you can set it and forget it. No batteries to run down, and it goes wherever your Windows computer goes. Plug in the included RadBeacon USB. Turn broadcasting on and off with a click, and quickly edit the identifiers.

RadBeacon USB is the World's First Multi-Beacon

As the industry’s first multi-beacon, with concurrent support for both iBeacon and AltBeacon proximity technologies, the RadBeacon USB enables simultaneous proximity services across iOS, Android, and other emerging mobile environments.

Certified and Licensed

RadBeacon is certified and licensed by the FCC, CE, Bluetooth and more. See the RadBeacon USB Specs for more information.


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