RadBeacon Dot (Non-Configurable)

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This version of the Dot is cheaper because it is NON-CONFIGURABLE. If you would like to provide us with the specific configuration information for your beacon and will not need to re-configure the beacon after you receive it already configured to your specifications, this version of the Dot is perfect for you. 

RadBeacon Dot is a fully standalone Bluetooth Smart™ proximity beacon using iBeacon™, AltBeacon™ and Eddystone™ technology, implemented in a lightweight package that is powered by a battery. It’s the perfect beacon for conferences, trade shows, exhibits and other events where power may not be readily available and ultimate flexibility in placement is most important.

The World's First Multi-Beacon

As the industry’s first multi-beacon, with concurrent support for all major industry-standard proximity technologies, the RadBeacon Dot enables simultaneous proximity services across iOS, Android, and other emerging mobile environments. Supported beacon proximity technologies include 

  • iBeacon
  • AltBeacon
  • Eddystone UID
  • Eddystone URL

RadBeacons That Go Anywhere

RadBeacon Dot is packaged in a lightweight plastic enclosure and powered by a user-replaceable CR2032 coin-cell battery. It can be flexibly installed in any location, regardless of available power and provides proximity interactions and engagements for mobile applications compatible with iBeacon, AltBeacon and Eddystone micro-location technology.

Certified and Licensed

RadBeacon Dot is an iBeacon™ licensed product that is fully FCC, IC and CE certified. See the RadBeacon Dot Datasheet for more information.



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