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RadBeacon USB

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The RadBeacon USB Eddystone beacon can be configured to advertise any combination of iBeacon, AltBeacon, Eddystone UID, and Eddystone URL (although you must choose at least one).

RadBeacon USB is a fully standalone Bluetooth Smart™ proximity beacon using iBeacon™ and AltBeacon™ technology, implemented in a tiny USB package.

The World's First Multi-Beacon

As the industry’s first multi-beacon, with concurrent support for both iBeacon and AltBeacon proximity technologies, the RadBeacon USB enables simultaneous proximity services across iOS, Android, and other emerging mobile environments.

No More Dead Beacons

No batteries means no dead batteries. RadBeacon USB is powered from any standard USB port. You can use any USB AC adaptor, car adaptor, or computer with a spare USB port. However, we recommend using our official RadBeacon USB Power Supply. It's UL listed and certified.

Certified and Licensed

RadBeacon is certified and licensed by the FCC, CE, Bluetooth and more. See the RadBeacon USB Specs for more information.

Unlimited Configurability

You pick the identifier for your project.  Configure RadBeacon USB over-the-air with the free RadBeacon Config App.


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